How to assemble your EXPLORER TRIKE 3in1?

This article covers assembly instructions for EXPLORER TRIKE series scooters after purchase and unboxing. Assembly must be made by a responsible adult. Instructions apply to the EXPLORER TRIKE 3in1 baby tricycle and its three modes.

Unboxing your EXPLORER TRIKE 3in1 baby tricycle

After unboxing your EXPLORER TRIKE 3in1, perform a thorough check to make sure you have the correct and complete Globber scooter parts. EXPLORER TRIKE 3in1 will have the following parts in its box:


If you need spare parts for your EXPLORER TRIKE 3in1, please visit this link for a list of available EXPLORER TRIKE parts.

The following steps assembles your EXPLORER TRIKE 3in1 into guided trike mode. For a detailed guide on how to transform your EXPLORER TRIKE 3in1 into its different modes, refer to this article on how to switch EXPLORER TRIKE series between different modes.


Front wheel installation

  1. Start off by getting the trike’s front wheel fork. Once on-hand, align the front wheel’s fork with the frame of the trike, and then insert the stem of the front wheel’s fork into the frame.
  2. Take the handlebars and align them with the front wheel, then insert the handlebars in the correct direction (top column must be facing outwards, away from the seat) on the trike’s frame. Push the handlebars down until you hear a click to securely fix them in place.

    Turn the pedal locks of the front wheel in the direction of the unlocked symbol, and then place the pedal in the front wheel’s slot. Turn the pedal lock in the direction of the “locked” symbol to secure the pedal in the front wheel. Repeat this step for the second pedal.

    Note: You may need to hold the opposite pedal lock to ensure that the pedal doesn’t spin freely.


Rear wheel installation

  1. Unscrew the knob at the end of the wheel assembly.

    Note: the brakes of the rear wheels must be pointing inward when the rear wheels are being installed (applies to all trike modes).

  2. Place the wheel in the hexagonal slot at the rear of the trike frame (make sure the brake is upwards and is not touching the ground). Once the wheel is in the correct position, re-screw the knob back into the wheel slot to ensure the wheel will remain securely in place.


Saddle installation

  1. To insert the saddle, you must first open the clamp and press the bottom spring-loaded button on the saddle stem.
  2. Push the saddle down until you hear a click. Close the clamp.


EXPLORER TRIKE 3in1 Saddle Heights

The baby tricycle’s saddle is adjustable with two heights available (31cm & 34cm). This is the highest possible height of the saddle is marked “MAX” on the saddle’s stem, and pushing the saddle down until the saddle’s stem is inserted almost fully is the lowest height of the saddle.


Footrest installation

  1. Take the footrest and slide it up the saddle stem. Before sliding it up the stem, press the spring-loaded button at the bottom of the saddle stem until you hear a click.
  2. Twist the knob under the footrest to 90 degrees in order to secure the footrest. The footrest must be facing forwards, not backwards, to be in the correct position.


How to assemble & secure the parent handlebar to the trike:

  1. Take the top part of the parent handle (where the black handle is located) and place it into the bottom shaft by pressing the spring-loaded button.

    There are 2 available heights on the parent handlebar (92cm & 96.5cm).

  2. Make sure to align the spring-loaded button with the holes. You must hear a click to ensure the handle is securely in place.
  3. To secure the parent handlebar to the trike, carefully place the shaft through the saddle’s hole and into the hole on the trike’s frame. Once you hear a click, the pole is secure.

To remove the parent handle, press the red button under the trike’s frame. Release the shaft and carefully lift the parent handle out.


How to operate EXPLORER TRIKE 3in1’s freewheel mode

The baby tricycle’s front wheel has two modes of operation:

Unlocked mode: The pedals are turning independently from the front wheel.

Locked mode: The pedals and the front wheel are connected together and move as one.

To put the front wheel in Locked mode:

  • Align the spot on the red button to the arrows on the inner hub.
  • Press the red button on the locked symbol side until you hear a click.

To put the front wheel in Unlocked mode:

  • Align the spot on the red button to the arrows on the inner hub.
  • Press the red button on the unlocked symbol side until you hear a click.


Reminders on EXPLORER TRIKE 3in1’s freewheel mode:
  • The freewheel function is to be used only with the parent handle (push bar).
  • Make sure the push bar (parent handle) is locked in position before use.
  • Automatic freewheeling ensures the tricycle can be pushed safely while the child’s feet rest on the pedals without the pedals turning.
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