How to assemble your PRIMO FOLDABLE?

This article discusses how to assemble PRIMO series scooters after purchase and unboxing. Assembly must be made by a responsible adult. Instructions apply to PRIMO FOLDABLE and PRIMO FOLDABLE LIGHTS three-wheel scooters for kids.


After unboxing your PRIMO FOLDABLE scooter, perform a thorough check to make sure you have the correct and complete Globber scooter parts. Each PRIMO FOLDABLE / PRIMO FOLDABLE LIGHTS scooter will have the following parts:

[Insert relevant spec parts here ex. 2 PU casted wheels (LED wheels for lights version)]

If you need spare parts for your PRIMO three-wheel scooter, please visit this link for a list of available PRIMO scooter parts.


How to assemble your PRIMO scooter

  1. Take your T-bar column and insert it into the integrated tube located at the front of the scooter deck (between the two front wheels).
  2. After insertion, the two spring balls on either side of the bottom of the column will "click" into place – make sure you hear a clicking sound to ensure the column is secured on the tube.

After assembly, your three-wheel scooter is now in scooter mode and ready for scooting!


How to fold/unfold your PRIMO scooter

To release the T-bar or fold/unfold the three-wheel scooter, do the following steps:

  1. Step on the deck with your foot and press the push button on the side of the deck.
  2. Pull the T-bar column back at a 30-degree angle.
  3. Remove the T-bar column, reverse it with the Globber logo facing towards the deck, and insert the T-bar back in the tube. This will put the scooter into folded/trolley mode.


How to operate PRIMO’s steering & patented steering lock system

A PRIMO FOLDABLE scooter comes with a lean-to-steer system, which responds intuitively to the movement of the body. The system enables you to turn left or right by leaning towards your preferred direction.

All PRIMO three-wheel scooters for kids are also equipped with our patented steering lock system activated by a button located at the scooter deck. When pressed, PRIMO’s front wheels are fixated to only move forward and backward. This makes learning how to scoot easier for younger children still learning how to balance.


How to work the steering lock button:

  1. To lock the front wheels in place, press the black button on the scooter deck.
  2. To release the front wheels to free movement, press the red button under the deck, located opposite the black button.


PRIMO scooter safety check

Before your child rides their three-wheel scooter, a safety check is recommended with the following points:

  • Make sure that all locking mechanisms are securely locked.
  • Check the height of the steering system, and make sure the nuts are tightened and that the handlebars and the front wheel are perpendicular.
  • At least the minimum height of the T-bar has to be locked at the lowest position by switching the bullet into the lowest slot.
  • Double check all connection elements such as the scooter brake and the steering column’s quick release system.
  • The wheel axles must be adjusted correctly and not damaged.
  • Also do a check on the tyre wear to make sure it’s still safe for scooting. Have a spare wheel ready to ensure tyres can quickly be replaced when needed.

Remove all the parts which are not necessary for play before giving the three-wheel scooter to your child. The scooter should be used with caution since skill is required to avoid falls or collisions causing injury to the user or third parties. It’s also recommended to scoot in suitable protective equipment such as a helmet, elbow, wrist & knee protectives, and shoes.

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